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The Committee has implemented Age Group Managers (AGM) across all age groups as a new role to ensure better communications across our club.


The Team Manager is always the first point of contact for all team related issues.  In the rare case that a parent feels an issue is not being resolved within the team via the team manager or coach, the AGM will serve as another contact point for parents who wish to raise concerns with the Committee. The AGM will endeavour to resolve issues quickly and amicably.

To contact your Age Group Manager for any reason click on their name below.


U/8 - Mick Hegan

U/9 - Nat Barnes

U/10 - Nick Fay

U/11 - Shane Yole

U/12 - Gavin Coldwell

U/13 - Steve Strong

U/14 - Paul Connors

U/ 15 - Mick Hegan

U/ 16 - Roy Fish


All Girls Teams - Rich Davey or Karen Gough

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